Toddy graduates from UC Berkeley 1939

After I donated the films, I had seen a bit of footage that Rick Prelinger had used for the latest “Lost Landscapes of San Francisco” and knew some of the potential topics based on Herman’s notes, but it took a while before I got access to the scanned films in general.

The first one that made my jaw drop was finding footage of my aunt Toddy graduating from UC Berkeley. In 1939, when not that many women got degrees. And including footage of my paternal grandparents, Carl and Paula (with Paula smiling, no less!). And footage of my uncle Jim (smiling, but that was much less surprising). But the real stunner for me was footage of my dad. He’s quite a bit younger than Toddy and Jim, but there he is, plain as day, about age 5.

Anyway, here’s the film clip:

The original footage includes a lot more of the walking up and around the stage (and those amazing temporary trees in the middle of Memorial Stadium!), but I’d like to know who those people were beginning about 9 seconds into the clip.